Spring Cleaning, Junk Removal – garage, basement, office & the attic

For many the term “Spring cleaning” is a literal one and an annual ritual. Often in the Spring we busy ourselves cleaning the garage, the basement, the attic or some other often-neglected part of the home only to end up frustrated that even with all of the little stuff tidied up, it’s still not “mission accomplished.” There’s that old refrigerator sitting in the garage, the worn out desk in the basement or some other big item that you just don’t know how to get rid of. For those in Northern Virginia Hot Rock Junk can help. With a single phone call we’ll schedule a time to come and pick up your unwanted items, we’ll keep our schedule, we’ll treat you like family and we’ll do it for a price that will make you say, “I wish I called you years ago.” And we’ll do all of the heavy lifting. So why not give us a call toll-free at 1-844-Zap-Junk so we can come and get those large or small unwanted items out of your way so this year’s Spring cleaning will be a good one.

HotRockJunk – Junk Removal

HotRockJunk Removal: The Easy Way to Start Over

It happens to the best of us. From Fairfax, VA to Gainesville, almost every home and property owner gets burdened from time to time with excess junk which has accumulated on and around their property.

Maybe your based in Haymarket, VA and have finally decided to get round to a long overdue back yard clean up. Alternatively, maybe you’re based in Ashburn, VA and have finally decided to reclaim your basement in order to start transforming it into an extra living space. Whatever the reason for your next big clean up, HotRockJunk Removal can help.

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Too Much Trash on Your Hands?

Are you a Gainesville, VA or Ashburn, VA landlord who has just recovered a property from a nightmare tenant? Alternatively, are you a Vienna or Chantilly homeowner in search of a junk removal expert who can help you clear years of accumulated junk from your garage or basement?
The words “junk removal” often inspire mental images of unkept homes and properties which have been allowed to fall into disrepair through neglect. In like manner, almost everyone has heard tales of serial hoarders all but destroying properties through amassing different kinds of junk.
However, professional junk removal services such as ours don’t just help clear out trash from neglected or foreclosed upon properties. Rather, we’re the people called upon in places like Chantilly, VA & Gainesville, VA, when moving, renovating and simply getting rid of old furnishings and large white goods.

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Junk Removal Manassas

Manassas Junk Removal Services

In Manassas, Hotrockjunk provides junk removal services both at normal hours or after hours.   Recently we removed junk from a Manassas Restaurant.  The Manassas restaurant had an emergency where they had to move out at the last minute.  They called several junk removal services but nobody turned up.  They called Hotrockjunk at 9:30pm at night.  The next day starting at 7 a.m. we removed everything in the restaurant.  We were done by noon.

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Junk Removal Woodbridge

Hotrockjuk recently provided services to a home owner in Woodbridge, Virginia.  The homeowner was struggling to get her house ready for sale..last minute hiccups, called Hotrockjunk.  We arrived promptly.  We removed debri in the yard underneath the deck.  We also removed old furniture from the house.  We had it all done in less than a day.  The customer was able to sell the house and get a fast close.

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Junk Removal Brambleton

Brambleton in Northern Virginia is a growing territory.  Our customers needed help with junk removal.   They had just moved in and were overwhelmed with boxes, furniture and needed a solution.   We removed 200 boxes and an old couch. We even helped pick up a new couch so they could accomplish it all in a day verses a lengthy delivery schedule.

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Junk Removal Fairfax

Hotrockjunk recently provided junk removal services in Fairfax, Virginia.  Our client purchased a foreclosure home and it was a mess!.  We removed cabinets, appliances and the entire garage that was 32 x 24  filled with everything you can imagine!  We removed  over 30 yards of debri. We did it all within a day.  We did it without having a dumpster that would have inconvenienced our client as it would have been left around.  We loaded all the junk in our truck.  The house looked clean and uncluttered.

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Junk Removal Warrenton

Warrenton is a rural market which we enjoy.  Recently we provided junk removal services to our client in Warrenton, Virginia.  We reemoved a refrigerator, dishwasher and sink.  We went to the store the same day and picked up the appliances for our client.  Our Customer enjoyed it all done same day.

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Gainesville Junk Removal

We recently provided junk removal services in Gainesville, Virginia.  The customer called us as they wanted a small couch to removed.   We not only removed the small couch but also ended up removing the entire barn full of debri. The customer did not know that this service existed.   After seeing the great job we did at the Gainesville residence we received several calls from the neighborhood who need their barns cleaned up.

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